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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99401 Dimethyl phthalate

    Dimethyl phthalate is an organic compound, used as an insect repellent for mosquitoes and flies.
    CFN99604 Eucamalol

    1. Eucamolol exhibits significant repellent activity against Aedes albopictus, and inhibits its feeding as well as DEET, is effective repellent (75%) up to 3 h after exposure to mosquito.
    CFN98079 Shyobunone

    1. Shyobunone and isoshyobunone have insecticidal and repellant activity, they exhibit strong contact toxicity against Lasioderma serricorne (LS adults with LD50 values of 20.24 and 24.19 ug/adult, respectively; they are strongly repellent against Tribolium castaneum (TC) at 78.63 nL/cm2.
    CFN98093 Cinnamamide

    1. Cinnamamide, a non-lethal repellent, deters feeding by a wide range of avian species;cinnamamide has the potential for use against the commensal rodent Mus musculus in situations where use of lethal control methods could be hazardous (e.g. food stores).
    2. Cinnamamide is an antitumor agent with low cytotoxicity acting on matrix metalloproteinase, and may serve as a lead compound in the development of antitumor drugs.
    3. Cinnamamide and betaine cinnamamide have growth-regulating activity on wheat.
    CFN98107 Isoalantolactone

    Isoalantolactone, an apoptosis inducer, possesses multiple biological activities including antifungal, anthelmintic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antitrypanosomal activities and antiproliferative effects on several cancer cell lines, such as colon, melanoma, ovary, prostate, lung, and leukemia. Isoalantolactone induces apoptosis, may be mediated through caspase-dependent apoptotic pathways, S phase arrest, inhibition of phosphorylation of PI3K/Akt, and downregulation of Bcr/Abl.