• ChemFaces is a professional high-purity natural products manufacturer.
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  • Bioactive Products
    ChemFaces is a professional high-purity natural products manufacturer.

    In pharmacology, biological activity or pharmacological activity describes the beneficial or adverse effects of a drug on living matter. When a drug is a complex chemical mixture, this activity is exerted by the substance's active ingredient or pharmacophore but can be modified by the other constituents. Among the various properties of chemical compounds, pharmacological/biological activity plays a crucial role since it suggests uses of the compounds in the medical applications.

    In order to promote the researched products of ChemFaces, ChemFaces specifically classified their products' biological activity to make client have more choices in their research. In the following the popular research items are listed.
    Hot Research
    Antioxidants Anti-inflammatory Anticancer Hepatoprotective Anti-diabetic
    Analgesia Antimalaric Anti-proliferation Anti-Atherosclerotic Cardioprotective
    Antibacterial Antifungal Anti-allergy Inhibitors Antiviral
    Immunomodulators Anti-hyperlipidemic Antihypertensive Antileukaemic Anti-platelet aggregation
    Anti-photoaging Antihyperglycemic Antiangiogenic Pro-apoptotic Neuroprotection
    Antidepressant Anti-osteoporosis Anti-obesity Cancer chemoprevention Cytotoxic
    Vasorelaxation Insecticides Food additives Dietary supplement Toxicity
    Agricultural Research
    Antifeedant Herbicides Anthelmintic Algicides Phytoalexin
    Insecticides Post ingestive Phytotoxic Growth-promoting effects Anti-plant allelopathy
    Anti-powdery mildew Phagostimulants Acaricidal Nematicidal Nodulation genes inducers
    Anti-juvenile hormone Moulting hormone activity Ecdysteroid antagonists Anti-plant-germination and growth
    Food and Spice Research
    Food additives Fragrance ingredients Preservatives Sweeteners Pigments
    Nutraceutical Dietary supplement Anti-fatigue Antinutritional Hygroscopic
    Cosmetics Research
    Anti-photoaging Cosmetic additives Skin-lightening agents Skin-whitening agents Anti-melanogenic
    Preservatives Pigments Anti-wrinkle Moulting hormone activity
    Biological and Medical Research
    ChemFaces products cover all areas of biomedical research and development, including cancer, anti-infective, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, AD, etc. As a leading supplier of natural products and services for scientific research, we provide a wide range of natural products. At ChemFaces.com our goal is to provide our customers with the most comprehensive, highest quality, and competitively priced natural products on the web. Our portfolio covers natural chemistry products originating from a variety of plants sources.
    Antioxidants Pro-oxidants
    Nervous System
    Peripheral nervous system Lowering intraocular pressure Miotic effects Smooth muscle contraction Anti-spasmodic
    Anti-twitch Anti-organophosphate intoxication Dilation effects Muscle relaxants
    Smooth muscle relaxing activity Myopia treatment Treating glaucoma Anticholinesterase
    Adrenolytic activity Bronchodilators Adrenergic receptor blockers
    Central nervous system GABA(A) receptor modulators GABA(A) receptor blockers GABA(A) receptor activators Sedative hypnotics
    Sleep inducers Antiepileptogenic Anticonvulsant Antipsychotic
    Antidepressant Anxiolytic Anxiogenic agents Antimigraine
    Damage memory Memory enhancers Anti-cocaine addiction Anti-heroin dependence
    Anti-neurodegenerative Anti-Parkinson Anti-Alzheimer disease Neuroprotection
    Central nervous system depressant Anti-nociceptive Analgesia Antipyretic
    Anti-inflammatory Anti-rheumatism Anti-osteoarthritis Anti-rheumatism-arthritis
    Anti-arthritic Anti-gout Anti-hyperuricemia Algesic substance
    Proinflammatory components
    Cardio-cerebral vascular system
    Antiarrhythmic Cardiotonic Vasorelaxation Anti-anginal Anti-Atherosclerotic
    Anti-hyperlipidemic Antithrombotic Anti-platelet aggregation Anticoagulants Antihypertensive
    Cardiovascular protection Anti-cerebral ischemia Anti-myocardial ischemia Anti-hypotensive Cardioprotective
    Vasoprotective Anti-stroke Anti-metabolic syndrome Anti-hypoxic Vasocontraction
    Angiogenesis Vascular tone regulation Negative inotropic effects Arterial hypertrophy
    Blood and hematopoietic system
    Anti-anemia Antithrombotic Anticoagulants Anti-platelet aggregation Hemolytic
    Hemostasis Promote hematopoietic function Anti-sepsis Antileukaemic Anti-endotoxic shock
    Digestive system
    Antidiarrheal Purgative Digestants Antiemetic Anti-ticulcer
    Hepatoprotective Gastro-protective Antifibrotic Pancreas-protective
    Respiratory system
    Antiasthmatic Antitussive Expectorants Lung protection
    Endocrine System
    1. Adrenocortical hormones Mineralocorticoid effects Glucocorticoid effects
    2. Sex hormones Estrogenic effects Estrogen receptor agonists Anti-estrogenic effects Androgen receptor binding activity
    Androgen effects Treatment of male infertility agents Aphrodisiac effects Antiandrogenic
    Anti-androgen receptors Anti-abortive Antifertility Oxytocic
    Anti-prostatic disease
    3. Thyroid hormones Human growth hormone-like effects Growth-regulating effects Anti-developmental toxicity Thyroid stimulating effects
    Antithyroid Anti-hyperparathyroidism
    4. Insulin and Hypoglycemia Anti-lipid metabolism abnormalities Anti-insulin Insulin-stimulated actions Anti-diabetic
    Antihyperglycemic Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors Alpha-amylase inhibitors Lowering hepatic gluconeogenesis
    Diabetic inducers Anti-diabetic complications Anti-diabetic retinopathy Anti-insulin resistance
    Anti-diabetic nephropathy
    5. Bone metabolism Anti-osteoclastogenesis Osteogenic agents Pro-osteoblastogenesis Anti-bone loss
    Bone metastasis agents Anti-osteoporosis Bone metabolic diseases Anti-osteonecrosis
    6. Weight loss pills Anti-adipogenic Anti-obesity Increase obesity agents
    Eyes and ears
    Anti-retinopathy Lowering intraocular pressure Anti-dry eye Myopia treatment Anti-trachoma
    Anti-angular conjunctivitis Treating glaucoma Anti-cataract Anti-Meniere syndrome Intravitreal effects
    Anti-age-related macular degeneration
    Urinary system
    Diuretic activity Dehydration effects Nephroprotective Anti-hyperuricemia
    Anti-acne Skin permeation enhancers Anti-contact dermatitis Anti-inflammatory skin diseases Anti-pruritic
    Wound-healing Anti-hypertrophic scar Anti-epidural scar Photosensitizers Anti-melanogenic
    Antipsoriatic Pro-collagen synthesis
    Immune system
    Immunosuppression Immunomodulators Vaccine adjuvants Anticomplementary Antihyaluronidase
    Histamine receptor blockers
    Anti-allergy Anti-histamine release Anti-motion sickness Antiemetic Anti-ticulcer
    Pro-allergic Allergens
    Antifungal Antibacterial Antiviral Antiprotozoal Antimicrobial
    Antimalaric Anti-trypanosoma Anti-leishmanial Anti-filaria Anti-mite
    Anti-intestinal worm disease Anti-nematode Anti-tick insects Anti-amoeba protozoa Anti-vaginal trichomoniasis
    Anticancer Anti-proliferation Pro-apoptotic Antiangiogenic Anti-migration
    Chemotherapeutic agents Anti-invasion Anti-mutagenic Cancer chemoprevention Anti-metastatic
    Pro-proliferation Chemosensitizers Cytotoxic Anti-tumor promoting activity Radioprotectants
    Anti-multidrug resistance
    Genetic system
    Antigenotoxicity DNA damaging agents DNA-protective Anti-mitotic Nucleotides
    Anti-familial mediterranean fever Modulate mitochondrial functions Anti-DNP-ATPase activity
    Bone and muscle systems
    Teeth-protective Anti-cartilage matrix breakdown Myogenic differentiation promoting effects
    Toxicity Nephrotoxic Cardiotoxicity Genotoxicity Reproductive toxicity
    Stomach toxicity Hepatotoxicity Phototoxic Neurotoxin Anti-venom
    Carcinogenic and teratogenic
    Teratogens Carcinogens Mutagenic
    Signaling pathway
    Inhibitors Antagonists Activators Inactivators Anti-apoptotic
    Pro-apoptotic Autophagy inducers Autophagy inhibitors
    Metal-chelators Radiosensitizers Sensitizers Tracers Microtubule stabilizers
    Diagnostic markers Plasticizing agents Quality control indexes Anti-leakage Precursors
    Markers Thermal properties Coolants Cryoprotectants Depigmenting effects
    Catalysts Corrosion inhibitors Deodorants Reducing agents Anti-aging
    Antiischemic Anthelminthic