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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99314 Scoparone

    Scoparone is a phytoalexin with antifungal,anticoagulant, antianginal, hypolipidemic, vasorelaxant, immunosuppression, hepatoprotective,anti-allergic,antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory actions, it is used for the traditional treatment of neonatal jaundice. It inhibited the activities of PPARγ, STAT3, NADPH-oxidase 1, and the expression of ERK,NF-kB, JNK,PI3K. It augmented the expression of SOD1 and CAT.
    CFN99588 3-Butylidenephthalide

    (Z)-3-butylidenephthalide has antihyperglycemic effect is due to inhibition of α-glucosidase at the intestinal level, inhibited the activity of yeast-α-glucosidase (IC(50) 2.35 mM) in a noncompetitive fashion with a K(i) of 4.86 mM. It can induce a dose-dependent antinociceptive action in the hot-plate assay, it is also effective for controlling the pain provoked by chemical irritation at the doses of 10 and 31.6 mg/kg.
    CFN97446 Alismol

    1. Alismol acts primarily on nerve terminals and inhibits their responses to electrical stimulation by interfering with NAd release.
    2. Alismol inhibits mainly Ca2+ influx through a voltage-dependent Ca2+ channel.
    3. Alismol holds great promise for use in chemopreventive and chemotherapeutic strategies.
    4. Alismol has antihypertensive action.
    5. Alismol decreases cardiac output, heart rate and left ventricular pressure, but it increases coronary flow, it has been used for the prevention of anginal attacks.
    6. Alismol has inhibitory effect to MMP3 expression and nitric oxide produced in microglial cells.
    CFN90698 Higenamine HCl

    1. Higenamine HCL is derived from a wide variety of plants and works on the body as a stimulant.
    2. Higenamine HCL specifically targets the heart muscle to speed up contractions, raising the heart rate.