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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99213 Nyasicol

    1. Nyasicol is a precursor of interjectin.
    CFN99235 3-(hydroxymethyl)cyclopentanone

    1. 3-Hydroxymethylcyclopentanone is a precursor to synthesize methyl epijasmonate.
    2. 3-Hydroxymethylcyclopentanone compounds, which are useful as intermediates in the preparation of HIV chemokine CCR-5 receptor antagonists.
    CFN99436 Shikimic acid

    1. Shikimic acid plays a pivotal role as a key intermediate in the shikimate pathway toward the synthesis of several aromatic amino acids and a variety of secondary metabolites in plants, fungi, and microorganisms.
    2. Shikimic acid has great potential for the design and synthesis of enzyme inhibitors which may selectively block specific enzyme-catalysed transformations along this pathway.
    3. Shikimate can be used to synthesise (6S)-6-Fluoroshikimic acid, an antibiotic which inhibits the aromatic biosynthetic pathway.
    CFN99159 Polydatin

    1. Polydatin is a mitochondria protector for acute severe hemorrhagic shock treatment, the neuronal mitochondrial injury is involved in the genesis of severe shock and polydatin may be the best choice for protection of neuron against mitochondrial injury in severe shock.
    2. Polydatin has favorable potency to develop a hypolipemic and/or hepatoprotective agent in clinic.
    3. Polydatin has a protective effect against ischemia/reperfusion injury in rat heart, the cardioprotection of polydatin is mainly mediated by cNOS which leading to an increase in NO production.
    4. Polydatin is a natural precursor of resveratrol, it can induce β-defensin production and reduce inflammatory response, they reinforce cytoprotective response in stress conditions and suggest their use in cosmetic or pharmaceutical preparations.
    5. Polydatin modulates inflammation by decreasing NF-κB activation and oxidative stress by increasing Gli1, Ptch1, SOD1 expression and ameliorates blood-brain barrier permeability for its neuroprotective effect in pMCAO rat brain.
    6. Polydatin has antioxidant activity.
    7. Polydatin inhibits growth of lung cancer cells by inducing apoptosis and causing cell cycle arrest.
    CFN99497 Pregnenolone

    1. Pregnenolone , a common precursor of many steroids, is present in the blood of normal adult men at concentrations of 1-3 nM, it can stimulate LNCaP prostate cancer cell growth via the mutated androgen receptor.
    2. Pregnenolone has memory-enhancing effects.
    3. Pregnenolone and dehydroepiandrosterone as precursors of native 7-hydroxylated metabolites which increase the immune response in mice.
    4. Add-on Pregnenolone reduces the severity of negative symptoms in recent-onset schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder, especially among patients who are not treated with concomitant mood stabilizers .