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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99180 Rosin

    1. Allergic contact dermatitis due to rosin (colophony) in eyeshadow and mascara.
    CFN99791 Norcantharidin

    1. Norcantharidin inhibits the canonical Wnt signal pathway in NSCLC, by activating WIF-1 via promoter demethylation.
    2. Norcantharidin could be an effective agent for targeting neo-lymphangiogenesis to inhibit lymphangiogenesis, by downregulating the expression of VEGF-C and VEGF-D.
    3. Norcantharidin enhances TIMP‑2 antitumor and anti‑VM activities in GBCs through downregulating MMP‑2 and MT1‑MMP.
    CFN98069 Barbacarpan

    1. Barbacarpan has phytotoxic activity.
    CFN98164 Esculentoside C

    1. Esculentoside C exerts proinflammatory effects synergistically, it can induce inflammatory stimulation.
    CFN90029 Histamine

    1. Histamine increases endothelial permeability and inhibits the ConA-induced ascites, presumably due to its known hypotonic effect.
    2. Histamine promotes the pathogenesis of experimental allergic asthma in mice via the Histamine H4 -receptor (H4 R).
    3. Histamine increases Nav1.8 expression in primary afferent neurons via H2 receptor-mediated pathway and thereby contributes to neuropathic pain, H2 receptor antagonists may potentially be used as analgesics for patients with neuropathic pain.