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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99903 Sennoside A

    1. Sennoside A may decrease AQP3 expression in the colon to inhibit water transport from the luminal to the vascular side, leading to a laxative effect; Anthraquinones can increase its purgative action.
    2. Sennoside A is a new dual HIV-1 inhibitor effective on HIV-1 replication.
    3. Sennoside A and Sennoside B have protective effects on gastric lesion.
    CFN99904 Sennoside B

    1. Sennoside A and sennoside B possess significant gastroprotective activities and they might be useful for the treatment of gastric disease.
    2. Sennoside B has a potential utility in the treatment of proliferative diseases, through inhibiting PDGF-stimulated cell proliferation by binding to PDGF-BB and its receptor and by down-regulating the PDGFR-beta signaling pathway.
    3. Sennoside B, a major purgative component.
    CFN99905 Sennoside C

    1. Sennoside C , aloe-emodin anthrone and rhein anthrone which formed mainly by intraluminal bacterial action, synergistically exert their purgative effects on mice.
    CFN99943 Aloin A

    1. Aloin A/B (1) and aloin-6'-O-acetate A/B (2) inhibited growth of several bacterial and fungal pathogens with minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) from 10 to 400 microg/mL and 800 to 1000 microg/mL.