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    Product Use Citation
  • Petasin is the main component responsible for the anti-adipogenic effect of Petasites japonicus
    Fitoterapia.2022, 157:105130.
    Bakkenolide A and Bakkenolide B were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Impact of various microbial-fermented methods on the chemical profile of dark tea using a single raw tea material
    J Agric Food Chem.2021, 69(14):4210-4222.
    Tryptophan, Glutamic acid, Proline, Glutamine, Aspartic acid, Asparagine, Glycine, Alanine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Serine, Threonine, Tyrosine, Lysine, Histidine, Valine, Enylalanine and Arginine were purchased from ChemFaces
  • γ-mangostin attenuates amyloid-β42-induced neuroinflammation and oxidative stress in microglia-like BV2 cells via the mitogen-activated protein kinases signaling pathway
    Eur J Pharmacol.2022, 917:174744.
    gamma-Mangostin was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Effects of red-light withering on the taste of black tea as revealed by non-targeted metabolomics and transcriptomics analysis
    LWT2021, 147:111620.
    (-)-Epigallocatechin(EGC) and Gallocatechin gallate were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Effect of thermosonication treatment on blueberry juice quality: Total phenolics, flavonoids, anthocyanin, and antioxidant activity
    LWT2021, 150:112021.
    Delphinidin-3-O-glucoside and Cyanidin-3-O-glucoside were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Improved structural annotation of triterpene metabolites of traditional Chinese medicine in vivo based on quantitative structure-retention relationships combined with characteristic ions: Alismatis Rhizoma as an example
    J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci.2021, 1187:123012.
    A total of 118 compounds were identified from ChemFaces
  • Gallocatechin?silver nanoparticle impregnated cotton gauze patches enhance wound healing in diabetic rats by suppressing oxidative stress and inflammation via modulating the Nrf2/HO-1 and TLR4/NF-κB pathways
    Life Sci.2021, 286:120019.
    Gallocatechin was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Recovery of hesperidin and narirutin from waste Citrus unshiu peel using subcritical water extraction aided by pulsed electric field treatment
    Food Sci Biotechnol.2021, 30(2):217-226.
    Hesperidin and Narirutin were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Comparative study of estrogenic activities of phytoestrogens using OECD in vitro and in vivo testing methods
    Toxicol Appl Pharmacol.2022, 434:115815.
    Biochanin A, 8-Prenylnaringenin and Coumestrol were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Comparative study of the photo?protective and anti?melanogenic properties of gomisin D, J and O
    Mol Med Rep.2022, 25(1):8.
    Gomisin D, Gomisin J and Gomisin O were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Alisma canaliculatum Extract Affects AGS Gastric Cancer Cells by Inducing Apoptosis
    Int J Med Sci.2021, 18(10):2155-2161.
    Alisol B monoacetate was obtained from ChemFaces
  • Origin of Wine Lignans
    Plant Foods Hum Nutr.2021, 76(4):472-477.
    Isolariciresinol, Secoisolariciresinol, Pinoresinol and Syringaresinol were obtained from ChemFaces
  • LaPT2 gene encodes a flavonoid prenyltransferase in white lupin
    Front Plant Sci.2021, 12:673337.
    Catechin, 5-Deoxyquercetin, Galangin, Morin and Kaempferol-3-O-glucoside were obtained from ChemFaces
  • Antioxidant effects of turmeric leaf extract against hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative stress In Vitro in vero cells and In Vivo in zebrafish
    Antioxidants (Basel).2021, 10(1):112.
    Avicularin, Poncirin, Procyanidin B2, Procyanidin B3, Spinosin, Isovitexin, Miquelianin, Quercitrin were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Diosmetin attenuates metabolic syndrome and left ventricular alterations via the suppression of angiotensin II/AT1 receptor/gp91phox/p-NF-κB protein expression in high-fat diet fed rats
    Food Funct.2021, 12(4):1469-1481.
    Diosmetin was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Dihydroisotanshinone I induced ferroptosis and apoptosis of lung cancer cells
    Biomed Pharmacother.2021, 139:111585.
    Dihydroisotanshinone I was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Antiplatelet effect of cudraxanthone B is related to inhibition of calcium mobilization, αIIbβ3 activation, and clot retraction
    Applied Biological Chemistry2021, 64(4)
    Cudraxanthone B was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Identification and pharmacokinetics of bioavailable anti-resorptive phytochemicals after oral administration of Psoralea corylifolia L.
    Biomed Pharmacother.2021, 144:112300.
    Bakuchalcone, Bavachalcone, Corylifol B, Isodorsmanin A, Isobavachalcone, Bavachromene, Isobavachromene, 4'-O-Methylbroussochalcone B, 6-Hydroxycoumarin, Psoralen, Angelicin, 8-(6-Hydroperoxy-3,7-dimethyl-2,7-octadienyloxy)psoralen, Psoralidin, Schaftoside, Luteolin-6-C-glucoside, Orientin, Vitexin, Isoquercitrin, Astragalin, Quercetin, Corylifol C, Isobavachin, Bavachin, Bavachinin, Daidzin, Genistin, Neobavaisoflavone, Corylifol A, Psoralenoside, 3-Hydroxybakuchiol and Bakuchiol were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Imperatorin attenuates cardiac remodelling and dysfunction in high-fat/high-fructose diet-fed rats by modulating oxidative stress, inflammation, and Nrf-2 expression
    Tissue Cell.2022, 75:101728.
    Imperatorin was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Korean traditional herbal formula Soshiho-tang attenuates memory impairment and neuronal damage in mice with amyloid-beta-induced Alzheimer's disease
    Integr Med Res.2021, 10(3):100723.
    Glycyrrhizin was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Diosmetin Ameliorates Vascular Dysfunction and Remodeling by Modulation of Nrf2/HO-1 and p-JNK/p-NF-κB Expression in Hypertensive Rats
    Antioxidants (Basel).2021, 10(9):1487.
    Diosmetin was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Evaluation of Thiol-dependent Enzymes on the Pharmacological Effects Induced by the Catalytically Active PLA2 from Bothrops jararacussu
    Preprints2021, doi:10.20944
    Adenanthin was purchased from ChemFaces
  • A novel strategy for glioblastoma treatment by induction of noptosis, an NQO1-dependent necrosis
    Free Radic Biol Med.2021, 166:104-115.
    Tanshindiol B was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Preventive effects of cristacarpin on experimentally induced uveitis by targeting NF-κB
    Biomed Pharmacother.2022, 145:112474.
    Cristacarpin was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Effects of Dipsacus asperoides Extract on Monosodium Iodoacetate–Induced Osteoarthritis in Rats Based on Gene Expression Profiling
    Front Pharmacol.2021, 12:615157.
    Loganic acid, Sweroside and Isochlorogenic acid A were obtained from ChemFaces
  • Auraptene, a Monoterpene Coumarin, Inhibits LTA-Induced Inflammatory Mediators via Modulating NF-κB/MAPKs Signaling Pathways
    Evid Based Complement Alternat Med.2021, 2021:5319584.
    Auraptene was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Molecular cloning and biochemical characterization of a new coumarin glycosyltransferase CtUGT1 from Cistanche tubulosa
    Fitoterapia.2021, 153:104995.
    Cichoriin was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Inhibition Effect of Eucommia ulmoides Leaf Extract on Interleukin 8 Production by A549 Cells
    Biol Pharm Bull.2021, 44(12):1891-1893.
    Asperuloside was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Amentoflavone Induces Cell-cycle Arrest, Apoptosis, and Invasion Inhibition in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Cells
    Anticancer Res.2021, 41(3):1357-1364.
    Amentoflavone was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Disruption of endoplasmic reticulum and ROS production in human ovarian cancer by campesterol
    Antioxidants (Basel).2021, 10(3):379.
    Campesterol was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Zerumbone suppresses the LPS-induced inflammatory response and represses activation of the NLRP3 inflammasome in macrophages
    Front Pharmacol.2021, 12:652860.
    Zerumbone was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Phenylpropanoids from Parasenecio hastatus (Compositae) and Their Wound-Healing Activity
    Russian J Bioorganic Chemistry 2021, 47:1411-1417.
    3-O-feruloylquinic acid and 5-O-feruloylquinic acid were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Optimization of the extraction process of high levels of chlorogenic acid and ginsenosides from short-term hydroponic-cultured ginseng and evaluation of the extract for the prevention of atopic dermatitis
    Journal of Ginseng Research2021, 25 November
    Standards for the ginsenoside Re, Rg1, Rb1, and Rd were purchased from ChemFaces
  • 3-Deoxysappanchalcone Inhibits Skin Cancer Proliferation by Regulating T-Lymphokine-Activated Killer Cell-Originated Protein Kinase in vitro and in vivo
    Front Cell Dev Biol.2021, 9:638174.
    3-Deoxysappanchalcone was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Anti-cancer effects of lucidadiol against malignant melanoma cells
    Applied Biological Chemistry 2021, 64(75)
    Lucidadiol was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Bavachin produces immunoadjuvant activity by targeting the NFAT signaling pathway
    Phytomedicine.2021, 93:153796.
    Bavachin was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Geniposide, a principal component of gardeniae fructus, protects skin from diesel exhaust particulate matter-induced oxidative damage
    Evid Based Complement Alternat Med.2021, 2021:8847358.
    Geniposide, Geniposidic acid, Chlorogenic acid, Genipin and Gardenoside were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Gekko gecko extract attenuates airway inflammation and mucus hypersecretion in a murine model of ovalbumin-induced asthma
    J Ethnopharmacol.2022, 282:114574.
    Melatonin was purchased from ChemFaces
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