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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99621 Marmin

    1. Marmin can inhibit contraction of the guinea-pig tracheal smooth muscle, especially by interfering histamine receptor, inhibiting the histamine release from mast, inhibiting intracellular Ca2+ release from the intracellular store and the Ca2+ influx through voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels.
    2. Marmin, skimmianine, aegeline, aurapten, zeorin, and dustanin are potential to develop as antihistamine agents, especially as histamine H1 receptor antagonists by interacting with amino acid residues, Asp107, Lys179, Lys191, Asn198, and Trp428 of histamine H1 receptor.
    3. S-trans-Marmin shows potent antibacterial, fungicidal, and algicidal properties.
    4. Marmin shows a cell-growth inhibitory effect against L1210 and K562 in vitro.
    5. Marmin and nobiletin have anti-ulcer effects, which are ascribed primarily to the maintenance of the mucosal barrier integrity and inhibition of gastric motor activity and secondarily due to the prevention of the effects of endogenous acetylcholine and histamine.
    CFN98111 Gramine

    Gramine has anti-tumor, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties; it can activate of antioxidants and inactivative of SOD in M. aeruginosa, it also has phytotoxicity on M. aeruginosa may be due to oxidative damage via oxidation of ROS .
    CFN97087 Neoprzewaquinone A

    Neoprzewaquinone A has algicidal effect on M. aeruginosa , with EC50 of 4.68 mg /L, the potential inhibition mechanisms are neo-przewaquinone A caused M. aeruginosa cells morphologic damage or lysis.
    CFN90266 Cyclo(Ala-Phe)

    Cyclo(Phe-Ala) displays significant anti-diatom activity with the inhibitory rate of 50% at the concentration of 50 microg/mL.
    CFN96128 Cyclo(D-Leu-L-Pro)

    1. Cyclo(D-Leu-L-Pro) shows antitumour and antifungal activities.