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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99368 Cedrelone

    1. Cedrelone exhibits antifeedant activity.
    2. Cedrelone and its derivatives exert antimicrobial activities, bromohydroxy cedrelone and Michael adduct show good antifungal activity.
    3. Cedrelone and dysobinin show significant cytotoxicity against cancer cell lines, such as -60, SMMC-7721, A-549, MCF-7 and SW480.
    4. Cedrelone is a very potent inducers of apoptosis, it can cause cell cycle arrest.
    5. Cedrelone has insecticidal activity, it inhibits arval growth of P. saucia, and the molting of the milkweed bug, Oncopeltus fasciatus.
    CFN99604 Eucamalol

    1. Eucamolol exhibits significant repellent activity against Aedes albopictus, and inhibits its feeding as well as DEET, is effective repellent (75%) up to 3 h after exposure to mosquito.
    CFN99807 Odoratone

    1. Odoratone shows insecticidal activities, it shows mortality on fourth instar larvae of mosquitoes (Anopheles stephensi) with LC(50) values of 154 ppm.
    2. Odoratone exhibits strong antifeedant activity against Pieris brassicae.
    CFN99908 Toosendanin

    Toosendanin (TSN) was used as a digestive tract-parasiticide and agricultural insecticide in ancient China;TSN is a selective presynaptic blocker, a L-type Ca 2+ channel agonist and an effective antibotulismic agent, by interfering with neurotransmitter release through an initial facilitation followed by a subsequent depression. TSN has effects on the growth, cell cycle arrest, induction of apoptosis and the involved signaling pathway in human promyelocytic leukemia HL-60 cells.
    CFN98052 Jatrophane 2

    1. 2,5,7,8,9,14-Hexaacetoxy-3-benzoyloxy-15-hydroxyjatropha-6(17),11E-diene (Jatrophane 2 ) exhibits significant antifeedant activity against a generalist plant-feeding insect, the cotton bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera).
    2. Jatrophane 2 demonstrates the most powerful inhibition of P-gp, higher than R(+)-verapamil and tariquidar in colorectal multi-drug resistant (MDR) cells (DLD1-TxR).