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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN90925 Guanosine

    1. Guanosine protects against renal ischemic injury by replenishing GTP stores and preventing tubular apoptosis.
    2. Guanosine and GMP prevent seizures induced by quinolinic acid in mice.
    3. Guanosine and GMP show anticonvulsant properties, which may be related with antagonism of glutamate receptors.
    CFN95012 Alloisoimperatorin

    1. Alloisoimperatorin is a candidate of AChE inhibitors.
    2. Alloisoimperatorin has estrogenic activity on the Ishikawa cell line, it shows strong ability to induce alkaline phosphatase (AP) with the EC50 values of 0.8 microg/mL.
    3. Alloisoimperatorin displays potent antioxidant effects against the DPPH radical and against renal epithelial cell injury by using AAPH to generate peroxyl radicals in vitro.