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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99315 Veratraldehyde

    1. Veratraldehyde was reduced by aryl-alcohol dehydrogenase to their corresponding alcohols, which was oxidized by aryl-alcohol oxidase, producing H2O2.
    2. Veratraldehyde as a corrosion inhibitor for Zinc in different acid medium.
    CFN99556 Proanthocyanidins

    1. Proanthocyanidins has antimicrobial property.
    2. Proanthocyanidins has anti-inflammatory property .
    3. Proanthocyanidins has antioxidant activity via the three most important mechanisms of free radical scavenging ,chelation of transition metals, and inhibition of enzymes.
    4. Proanthocyanidins is a dietary supplement to use for the treatment of any chronic disorder.
    CFN90165 Apiin

    1. Apiin is the reducing and stabilizing agent.
    2. Apiin has inhibitory activity in-vitro on iNOS expression and nitrite production when added before LPS stimulation in the medium of J774.A1 cells.