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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99510 Xylitol

    1. Xylitol inhibits salivary lysozyme activity.
    2. Xylitol is a widely used anti-caries agent that has anti-inflammatory effects.
    3. Xylitol has potential in therapy against lung cancer by inhibiting cell proliferation and inducing autophagy of A549 cells, inhibits the growth of Streptococcus pneumoniae.
    4. Xylitol, a commonly used sweetener, it can inhibit the growth of pneumococci, it is effective in preventing otitis media and decreasing the need for antimicrobials when xylitol sugar given in a syrup or chewing gum.
    CFN98211 Guaijaverin

    1. Guaijaverin is a urease inhibitor.
    2. Guaijaverin has antioxidant activity.
    3. Guaijaverin demonstrates high potential antiplaque agent by inhibiting the growth of the Strep. Mutans.
    4. Guaijaverin and avicularin are the major bioactive components in guava leaves with hypoglycemic activity and inhibitory capacity against free fatty acid release.
    5. Guaijaverin (IC(50)=0.18 microM) shows an inhibitory effect on rat lens aldose reductase.
    CFN98259 Sanguinarine

    1. Sanguinarine possesses antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.
    2. Sanguinarine has anticancer activity against Basal-like breast cancer, appears to have pleotropic effects, as it modulates multiple key signaling pathways.
    3. BCL2 down regulation was associated with its promoter methylation and miR-15a/16-1 upregulation in Sanguinarine-induced Rat HSC-T6 cells.
    4. Sanguinarine can protect against cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis via inhibiting NF-κB activation, may be used to develop a potential therapeutic drug for treating cardiac remodeling and heart failure.
    5. Sanguinarine has therapeutic potential in preventing the neurodegenerative diseases.
    6. Sanguinarine can inhibit osteoclast formation and bone resorption via suppressing RANKL-induced activation of NF-κB and ERK signaling pathways, suggests that it has protective effects on teeth and alveolar bone health.
    7. Berberine and sanguinarine intercalate DNA, inhibit DNA synthesis and reverse transcriptase; sanguinarine (but not berberine) affects membrane permeability and berberine protein biosynthesis; thus, these biochemical activities may mediate chemical defence against microorganisms, viruses and herbivores in the plants producing these alkaloids.
    CFN92688 Terpineol

    1. Terpineol and cineole, acting synergistically to enhance the transdermal delivery of huperzine A from microemulsions, might provide an alternative permeation enhancer combination for the transdermal delivery of huperzine A.
    2. α-Terpineol possesses antifungal activity against Trichophyton mentagrophytes.
    3. α-Terpineol and linalool exhibit strong antimicrobial activity against periodontopathic and cariogenic bacteria; their concentration should be kept below 0.4 mg/ml if they are to be used as components of toothpaste or gargling solution.
    4. α-Terpineol shows anticonvulsant activity.
    5. α-Terpineol shows anti-inflammatory effect on IL-6 formation, it inhibits the gene expression of the IL-6 receptor.
    CFN97935 6,8-Diprenylgenistein

    1. 6,8-Diprenylgenistein has antimicrobial activity .
    2. 6,8-Diprenylgenistein has anti-bacteria activity against Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria.