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  • Cerbera manghas L.

    Cerbera manghas (Sea Mango) is a small evergreen coastal tree growing up 12 m tall. The shiny dark-green leaves are alternate, ovoid in shape. The flowers are fragrant, possessing a white tubular 5 lobed corolla about 3 to 5 cm in diameter, with a pink to red throat. They have 5 stamens and the ovary is positioned above the other flower parts. The fruits are egg-shaped, 5 to 10 cm long, and turn bright red at maturity.
    Two new compounds, 1,3-bis(m-carboxylphenyl)-propan-2-one (1) and 2-(m-carboxylphenyl)-3-(m-carboxylbenzyl) succinic acid (2), were isolated from the barks of Cerbera manghas.
    Cerbera manghas is naturally distributed from the Seychelle Islands in the Indian Ocean eastward to French Polynesia. It occupies coastal habitats and is often associated with mangrove forests.This tree has been introduced to Hawaii and other tropical locations as an ornamental.

    Cerbera manghas L.
    Research products of Cerbera manghas L.
    Catalog Product Name CAS Number Manual
    CFN99276DL-Syringaresinol1177-14-6  PDF
    CFN97411Norviburtinal85051-41-8  n/a
    CFN97119Cerbinal65597-42-4  n/a
    CFN98241Theviridoside23407-76-3  PDF
    CFN99376Cyclocerberidol126594-66-9  PDF
    CFN99375Cerberidol126594-64-7  PDF
    CFN98037Coniferaldehyde20649-42-7  PDF
    CFN90232Nodakenin495-31-8  PDF
    CFN99107Isoimperatorin482-45-1  PDF
    CFN996574,5-Dihydroblumenol A155418-97-6  PDF
    CFN97536Euscaphin B956869-95-7  n/a