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    Phellodendron Chinense Schneid.
    A unique collection of 22 Phellodendron Chinense Schneid. for high throughput screening (HTS), high content screening (HCS) and New drug research
    Catalog No. Size Price Stock
    P201741mg/well * 22 CompoundsInquiry In stock
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    P20174100uL/well (10mM solution) * 22 CompoundsInquiry In stock
    *You can select compounds, quantities, format (dry/solid or DMSO) and plate map to meet your specific requirement.
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    ManufacturerWuhan ChemFaces Biochemical Co., Ltd.
    Package & Storage
    Container 96 Well Format Sample
    Storage Protected from air and light, refrigerate or freeze(2-8 °)
    Shelf Life 24 months (2-8 °)
    Intended UseFor research use only. Not for human use. Not sell to patients
    Description & Advantages
    1. The products in the ChemFaces screening libraries are all from plants.
    2. The biological activities or pharmacological activities of all the ChemFaces products are derived from the databases of all over the world the latest literatures, you can according to the product manuals on our website to access the relevant literatures, hope that our informations can give some inspirations and help to your research.
    3.The collections of unique natural products, which include antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anticancer, and ect. Can be used for high throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS), is to help you carry out new drug screening, the emergence of new indications and other professional tools.
    4.Structurally diverse, medicinally active, and cell permeable, NMR and HPLC validated to ensure high purity.
    5. ChemFaces offers customized bioactive screening libraries , whereby you choose the specific compounds you want in the library, the quantities, plate map, concentration, and format (dry/solid or DMSO solution).
    Natural Products
    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99562 Berberine hydrochloride

    Berberine hydrochloride has anticancer, antifungi, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant activities, it can significantly attenuate neutrophil infiltration, suppress myeloperoxidase activity, decrease NO, TNF-╬▒and IL-1╬▓production, inhibits the phosphorylation of the NF-╬║B p65 subunit and the degradation of its inhibitor, I╬║B╬▒.
    CFN99144 Phellodendrine chloride

    Phellodendrine chloride has anti-nephritic activity, may be due to its ability to inhibit the proliferation or the migration of macrophages and cytotoxic T lymphocytes in the glomeruli.
    CFN99143 Phellodendrine

    Phellodendrine has the effect of suppressing cellular immune response, reducing blood pressure and antinephritis, it also has antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects. Phellodendrine can suppress local semisyngeneic GvH reactions and systemic allogeneic GvH reactions in X-ray irradiated recipient mice, it also can suppress the induction phase of sheep red blood cell (SRBC)-induced delayed type hypersensitivity in mice and tuberculin-induced delayed type hypersensitivity in guinea pigs, Phellodendrine can down-regulating AKT, IKK, NF-kB phosphorylation and COX-2 expression induced by AAPH, it also ameliorates the ROS-mediated inflammatory response.
    CFN98493 Jatrorrhizine

    Jatrorrhizine has neuroprotective, antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, antihypercholesterolemic, and anti-hyperglycemia effects.Jatrorrhizine is expected to be developed as a new gastric prokinetic drug, it is metabolized by human CYP1A2 and multiple UGT1A isoforms. It has inhibitory activities against the expression of inducible NO syntase (iNOS) and cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2), and can improve the utilization and excretion of cholesterol by up-regulating the mRNA and protein expression of LDLR and CYP7A1.
    CFN98459 Palmatine

    Palmatine shows significant antidepressant-like, anti-hyperlipidemia, hepatoprotective, and antioxidant effects, it inhibited MAO-A, I(K) and I(CRAC) activity, and activated the AhR-CYP1A pathway. Palmatine shows the strong toxic action on T. thermophila BF5 growth, it is toxic to insects and vertebrates and inhibited the multiplication of bacteria, fungi and viruses, it is active at the alpha 2-receptor ( IC50 of 956 nM).
    CFN98108 Jatrorrhizine Hydrochloride

    Jatrorrhizine hydrochloride has lipid lowering effects, it can ameliorate hyperlipidemia via the suppression of lipogenesis and the enhancement of lipid oxidation in the liver. It exhibits a potent inhibitory effect toward neuraminidase of the H7N9 (N9) avian influenza virus, it also can potentiate the neuraminidase inhibitory effect of oseltamivir towards H7N9 influenza. Jatrorrhizine hydrochloride is a potential new antimelanoma drug candidate, can inhibit the proliferation and neovascularization of C8161 metastatic melanoma cells with low toxicity.
    CFN97233 Obacunone

    Obacunone is a novel activator of Nrf2, which exhibits anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antivirulence, insecticidal, anti-proliferative and anti-aromatase activities. Obacunone stimulates muscle hypertrophy and prevents obesity and hyperglycemia, and that these beneficial effects are likely to be mediated through the activation of TGR5 and inhibition of PPAR╬│ transcriptional activity. Obacunone significantly inhibits aromatase activity in an in vitro enzyme assay with an IC50 value of 28.04 ╬╝M, and it also inhibits the p38 MAPK signaling pathway.
    CFN90506 Tetrahydroberberine

    Tetrahydroberberine, with D(2) receptor antagonist and 5-HT(1A) receptor agonist properties, has significant potential as a therapeutic for treatment of FD; it has antidopaminergic effect, and other pharmacological action on the central nervous system. Tetrahydroberberine can inhibit the rabbit platelet aggregation.
    CFN90188 D-Tetrahydropalmatine

    D-Tetrahydropalmatine is a organic cation transporter 1 (OCT1) inhibitor, it can obviously inhibit the uptake of monocrotaline (MCT) in MDCK-hOCT1 cells and isolate rat primary hepatocytes, and attenuate the viability reduction and LDH release of the primary cultured rat hepatocytes caused by MCT.
    CFN99265 5,5'-Dimethoxylariciresinol

    Standard reference