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    Dipsacus asperoides C. Y. Cheng et T. M. Ai

    Dipsacus is a genus of flowering plant in the family Dipsacaceae. The members of this genus are known as teasel or teazel or teazle. The genus includes about 15 species of tall herbaceous biennial plants (rarely short-lived perennial plants) growing to 1–2.5 metres (3.3–8.2 ft) tall. Dipsacus are native to Europe, Asia and northern Africa. The genus name is derived from the word for thirst and refers to the cup-like formation made where sessile leaves merge at the stem.  The seeds are an important winter food resource for some birds, notably the European Goldfinch. Teasels are often grown in gardens and encouraged on some nature reserves to attract them.
    A new iridoid glucoside, loganic acid-6'o-β-δ-glucoside, has been isolated from the defatted root of Dipsacusasperoides. Its structure has been elucidated by spectroscopic means as 1s-(1α,4aα,6α,7α,7aα)-1-{(6-o-β-δ-glucopyranosyl-β-δ-glucopyranosyl)oxy}-1,4a,5,6,7,7a-hexahydro-6-hydroxy-7-methyl-cyclopenta{c}pyran-4-carboxylic acid.

    Dipsacus asperoides C. Y. Cheng et T. M. Ai
    Research products of Dipsacus asperoides C. Y. Cheng et T. M. Ai
    Catalog Product Name CAS Number Manual
    CFN99766Asperosaponin VI39524-08-8  PDF
    CFN99150Dipsacoside B33289-85-9  PDF
    CFN99455Sweroside14215-86-2  PDF
    CFN99858Loganin18524-94-2  PDF
    CFN98695Hederagenin465-99-6  PDF
    CFN99916Beta-Sitosterol83-46-5  PDF
    CFN98713Daucosterol474-58-8  PDF
    CFN97081Sylvestroside I71431-22-6  n/a
    CFN90753Dipsanoside A889678-62-0  n/a
    CFN90754Dipsanoside B889678-64-2  n/a
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