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    Polygonatum kingianum Coll. et Hemsl.

    Polygonatum King Solomon's-seal or Solomon's Seal, is a genus of about 50 species of flowering plants. Polygonatum kingianum, Rhizome subterete or submoniliform, 1--3 cm thick. Stem erect, 1--3 m, glabrous, apex subscandent. Leaves in whorls of 3--10, sessile, linear to lanceolate, 6--20(--25) × 0.3--3 cm, herbaceous or leathery, apex cirrose. Inflorescences (1 or)2--4(--6)-flowered; peduncle 1--2 cm, pendulous; bracts borne usually on proximal part of pedicel, small, membranous.
    Further studies on the fresh rhizomes of Polygonatum kingianum led to the isolation of one new spirostanol saponin (25R)-kingianoside G (1), and two pairs mixture of 25R and 25S stereoisomeric spirostanol saponins (25R, S)-pratioside D1 (2a, 2b) and (25R, S)-kingianoside A (3a, 3b), among them 2b and 3b were new spirostanol saponins, together with another two known compounds, disporopsin (4) and daucosterol (5).

    Polygonatum kingianum Coll. et Hemsl.
    Research products of Polygonatum kingianum Coll. et Hemsl.
    Catalog Product Name CAS Number Manual
    CFN90447Polyphyllin F76296-74-7  PDF
    CFN90445Polyphyllin C76296-71-4  n/a
    CFN92500(-)-Syringaresinol6216-81-5  PDF
    CFN90458Syringaresinol-di-O-glucoside66791-77-3  PDF
    CFN98964Liriodendrin573-44-4  PDF
    CFN92420(-)-Epipinoresinol10061-38-8  PDF
    CFN99994Pinoresinol diglucoside63902-38-5  PDF
    CFN99156Liquiritigenin578-86-9  PDF
    CFN97542Isoliquiritigenin961-29-5  PDF
    CFN92222Neobavaisoflavone41060-15-5  PDF
    CFN923897,3'-Dihydroxy-5'-methoxyisoflavone947611-61-2  PDF
    CFN971495-Hydroxymethylfurfural67-47-0  PDF
    CFN970433,9-Dihydroxypterocarpan61135-91-9  n/a
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