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    Swertia bimaculata (Sieb.et Zucc.)Hook.f.et Thoms.ex Clarke

    Swertia is a genus in the gentian family containing plants sometimes referred to as the felworts. Some species bear very showy purple and blue flowers.
    Plants of genus Frasera are sometimes considered part of this genus, sometimes as a separate genus, and sometimes as synonymous.
    Swertia contains main chemicals sawertiamarine, mangeferin and amarogenitine 1,5, 8-trihydroxy-3-methoxyxanthone, 1-hydroxyl-2, 3, 5, 7-tetramethoxyxanthone, 1-hydroxyl-3, 5, 8-trimethoxyxanthone, 1-hydroxyl-2, 3, 4, 6-tetramethoxyxanthone, 1-hydroxyl-2, 3, 4, 7-tetramethoxyxanthone, 1,8-dihydroxy-3, 5-dimethoxyxanthone, 1, 7-dihydroxy-3, 8-dimethoxyxanthone, 1, 3, 5, 8-tetrahydroxyxanthone , balanophonin, oleanolic acid, maslinic acid, and sumaresinolic acid.
    Swerilactones from Swertia mileensis showed anti-hepatitis B virus activity in vitro.

    Swertia bimaculata (Sieb.et Zucc.)Hook.f.et Thoms.ex Clarke
    Research products of Swertia bimaculata (Sieb.et Zucc.)Hook.f.et Thoms.ex Clarke
    Catalog Product Name CAS Number Manual
    CFN99455Sweroside14215-86-2  PDF
    CFN99818Swertiamarin17388-39-5  PDF
    CFN90618Swertianolin23445-00-3  n/a
    CFN90621Swertisin6991-10-2  PDF
    CFN99916Beta-Sitosterol83-46-5  PDF
    CFN98800Oleanolic acid508-02-1  PDF
    CFN99331Vanillic acid121-34-6  PDF
    CFN89132Bellidifolin2798-25-6  n/a
    CFN98047Gentiopicroside20831-76-9  PDF
    CFN97326Stigmasterol83-48-7  PDF
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