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    Artemisia annua L. F. Macrocephala Pamp

    Artemisia annua, also known as Sweet Wormwood, Sweet Annie, Sweet Sagewort or Annual Wormwood, is a common type of wormwood that is native to temperate Asia, but naturalized throughout the world.
    Artemisia annua f. macrocephala Pampanini; A. chamomilla C. Winkler; A. stewartii C. B. Clarke; A. wadei Edgeworth. Herbs, annual, 70-160(-200) cm tall, much branched, sparsely puberulent, soon glabrous, strongly aromatic. Leaves gland-dotted. Lowermost stem leaves: leaf blade ovate or triangular-ovate, 3-7 × 2-6 cm, 3(or 4)-pinnatipartite; segments 5-8(-10) pairs. Middle stem leaves: petiole 1-2 cm; leaf blade 2(or 3)-pinnatisect or pectinatisect; lobules deeply serrate to pectinate; teeth triangular, 1-2 × ca. 0.5 mm; rachis narrowly winged, sparsely serrate or not; midvein prominent adaxially. Uppermost leaves and leaflike bracts 1(or 2)-pinnatipartite. Synflorescence a panicle to 15 × 8 cm, produced from most nodes to form broad, conical compound panicle.

    Artemisia annua L. F. Macrocephala Pamp
    Research products of Artemisia annua L. F. Macrocephala Pamp
    Catalog Product Name CAS Number Manual
    CFN99184Artemether71963-77-4  PDF
    CFN99011Artemisinin63968-64-9  PDF
    CFN99507Dihydroartemisinin71939-50-9  PDF
    CFN974864,5-Epoxyartemisinic acid92466-31-4  PDF
    CFN97276Artemisinic acid80286-58-4  PDF
    CFN97212Deoxyartemisinin72826-63-2  PDF
    CFN98613alpha-Epoxydihydroartemisinic acid380487-65-0  PDF
    CFN994214-Hydroxy-3,5-dimethoxybenzaldehyde134-96-3  PDF
    CFN99622Chrysosplenol D14965-20-9  PDF
    CFN98037Coniferaldehyde20649-42-7  PDF
    CFN984882',4'-Dihydroxy-6'-methoxyacetophenone3602-54-8  PDF
    CFN985414-Acetoxy-3,5-dimethoxybenzoic acid6318-20-3  PDF
    CFN972283-Methoxy-4,5-methylenedioxycinnamaldehyde74683-19-5  n/a
    CFN90313Artesunate88495-63-0  PDF
    CFN90485alpha-Dihydroartemisinin81496-81-3  n/a
    CFN993803-Methoxy-5-heneicosylphenol126882-76-6  PDF
    CFN994304,5-Dioxo-4,5-seco-11(13)-cadinen-12-oic acid137288-61-0  PDF
    CFN98043Arteannuin L207446-89-7  PDF
    CFN98044Arteannuin M207446-90-0  PDF
    CFN98045Arteannuin N207446-92-2  PDF
    CFN98807Arteannuin B50906-56-4  PDF
    CFN971004(15)-Oppositene-1,7-diol640289-58-3  n/a
    CFN97308Arteannuin A82442-48-6  n/a
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