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    Evodia rutaecarpa (Juss.) Benth.
    Evodiamine is a chemical extracted from the Tetradium family of plants, which has been shown to reduce fat uptake in mouse studies. It is suspected that its mechanism of action is similar to that of capsaicin. As such, it has been included in some dietary supplements. Neither its fat-burning effects in humans nor any potential side effects have been empirically established.Evodiamine acts primarily as a thermogenic and stimulant.
    Evodiamine, a major alkaloidal principle of Evodia fruits (Evodia rutaecarpa, Rutaceae), showed vanilloid receptor agonistic activities comparable to capsaicin. The Chinese literature refers to Evodia fruits as a "hot nature" herb. In spite of the similarities in the actions of evodiamine and capsaicin in vitro, evodiamine has no perceptible taste, including a peppery hot taste. Therefore, the effectiveness of evodiamine and the extract of Evodia fruits in preventing obesity on male C3H mice, or male SD rats were examined.
    Evodia rutaecarpa (Juss.) Benth.
    Research products of Evodia rutaecarpa (Juss.) Benth.
    Catalog Product Name CAS Number Manual
    CFN99993Evodiamine518-17-2  PDF
    CFN97337Rutaecarpine84-26-4  PDF
    CFN99551Synephrine94-07-5  PDF
    CFN99280Limonin1180-71-8  PDF
    CFN97233Obacunone751-03-1  PDF
    CFN90347Hydroxyevodiamine1238-43-3  n/a
    CFN988951-Hydroxyrutaecarpine53600-24-1  n/a
    CFN98900Flavaprin53846-49-4  n/a
    CFN90944Dehydroevodiamine67909-49-3  n/a
    CFN99256Glaucin B115458-73-6  PDF
    CFN9932812alpha-Hydroxyevodol120722-04-5  PDF
    CFN993676-Acetonyl-N-methyl-dihydrodecarine1253740-09-8  PDF
    CFN92786Dihydroevocarpine15266-35-0  n/a
    CFN996492-(2'-Hydroxytetracosanoylamino)-octadecane-1,3,4-triol 154801-30-6  PDF
    CFN927851,2,3,4-Tetrahydronorharman-1-one17952-82-8  n/a
    CFN98048Stigmastane-3,5,6-triol20835-91-0  PDF
    CFN980941-Methyl-2-pentyl-4(1H)-quinolinone22048-98-2  PDF
    CFN98214Evodol22318-10-1  PDF
    CFN90488Evodine6989-38-4  n/a
    CFN92352Atanine7282-19-1  n/a
    CFN923963,4-Dihydro-6,7-(methylenedioxy)-2(1H)-quinolinone94527-34-1  n/a
    CFN97565Limonexic acid99026-99-0  n/a
    CFN96360Dehydroevodiamine hydrochloride75853-60-0  n/a
    CFN962961-Methyl-2-undecylquinolin-4(1H)-one59443-02-6  n/a
    CFN96758(Z)-1-Methyl-2-(undec-6-enyl)quinolin-4(1H)-one120693-49-4  n/a
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