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    Rheum palmatum L.
    Rheum palmatum, commonly called Turkey rhubarb, Chinese rhubarb, Indian rhubarb, Russian rhubarb or rhubarb root, is a highly regarded medicinal plant, known for its health benefits. Though native in the regions of western China, northern Tibet, and the Mongolian Plateau, Chinese Rhubarb was used immensely in other parts of the world, such as Europe, for hundreds of years before its source of plant identity was actually discovered in the 18th century.
    Rheum palmatum L. has many pharmacological actions, such as purgation, antibacterial, antitumor, antimutagenicity curing mental and renal disorders.
    In R. palmatum L., the bioactive components include anthraquinones, dianthrones, stilbens, anthocyanins, flavonoids, polyphenols, organic acids, chromones and so on. Generally, anthraquinones (emodin, aloe-emodin and rhein) are the main effective components.
    Rheum palmatum L.
    Research products of Rheum palmatum L.
    Catalog Product Name CAS Number Manual
    CFN99624Gallic acid149-91-7  PDF
    CFN99157Rhein478-43-3  PDF
    CFN98834Emodin518-82-1  PDF
    CFN98848Physcion521-61-9  PDF
    CFN98751Chrysophanol481-74-3  PDF
    CFN98749Aloeemodin481-72-1  PDF
    CFN99572Emodin-8-beta-D-glucoside23313-21-5  PDF
    CFN99592Rhein-8-glucoside calcium salt113443-70-2  PDF
    CFN98569Rhaponiticin155-58-8  PDF
    CFN99597Sennidin A641-12-3  PDF
    CFN99598Sennidin B517-44-2  PDF
    CFN99903Sennoside A81-27-6  PDF
    CFN99904Sennoside B128-57-4  PDF
    CFN99905Sennoside C37271-16-2  PDF
    CFN99906Sennoside D37271-17-3  PDF
    CFN99646Catechin154-23-4  PDF
    CFN93123Aloe-emodin-8-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside33037-46-6  n/a
    CFN98750Citreorosein481-73-2  PDF
    CFN99271Dantron117-10-2  PDF
    CFN90145Diacerein13739-02-1  PDF
    CFN90749Rhapontigenin 3'-O-glucoside94356-22-6  PDF
    CFN90750Piceatannol 3'-O-glucoside94356-26-0  PDF
    CFN90854Desoxyrhapontigenin33626-08-3  n/a
    CFN80399Physcion 8-O-beta-D-monoglucoside23451-01-6  n/a
    CFN950531-O-galloyl-6-O-cinnamoylglucose115746-69-5  n/a
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