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    Plant elements are by far the most commonly used substances in TCM, ChemFaces's natural products are extracted from the many plants.

    Natural products sometimes have pharmacological or biological activity that can be of therapeutic benefit in treating diseases. As such, natural products are the active components not only of most traditional medicines but also many modern medicines. Furthermore, because the structural diversity of natural products exceeds that readily achievable by chemical synthesis, and synthetic analogs can be prepared with improved potency and safety, natural products are often used as starting points for drug discovery.

    If you are a planning to analyze a specific plant please look for our herbs display rack. It will inform you about common marker compounds for this herb.
    Screening Library of Plants
    Salvia miltiorrhiza Compound Library

    A unique collection of 81 natural compounds from Salvia miltiorrhiza
    Morus alba Compound Library

    A unique collection of 69 natural compounds from Morus alba
    Ganoderma lucidum Compound Library

    A unique collection of 66 natural compounds from Ganoderma lucidum
    Panax ginseng Compound Library

    A unique collection of 52 natural compounds from Panax ginseng
    Cinnamomum cassia Compound Library

    A unique collection of 47 natural compounds from Cinnamomum cassia
    Ginkgo biloba Compound Library

    A unique collection of 41 natural compounds from Ginkgo biloba
    Sophora flavescens Compound Library

    A unique collection of 38 natural compounds from Sophora flavescens
    Vaccinium myrtillus Compound Library

    A unique collection of 29 natural compounds from Vaccinium myrtillus
    Plant Catalog
    Dendrobium candidum Wall. ex Lindl. Atractylodes macrocephala Koidz. Ambrosia artemisiifolia L. Pseudolarix kaempferi Gord.
    Phellodendron amurense Rupr. Phellodendron Chinense Schneid. Aster tataricus L. f. Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch.
    Glycyrrhiza inflata Batalin Glycyrrhiza glabra L. Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi Oraxylum indicum (L.) Kurz
    Ziziphus jujuba var. spinosa (Bunge) Hu Ziziphus jujuba Mill. var. inermis (Bun... Zea mays L. Croton tiglium L.
    Bupleurum scorzonerifolium Willd Bupleurum chinense DC. Dipsacus asperoides C. Y. Cheng et T. M... Aucuba chinensis Benrth.
    Fibraurea tinctoria Lour. Lupinus polyphyllus Lindl. Swertia bimaculata (Sieb.et Zucc.)Hook.... Swertia bimaculata (Sieb.et Zucc.)Hook....
    Scutellaria indica L. Hippophae rhamnoides L. Syzygium aromaticum (L.) Merrill Rheum palmatum L.