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    ChemFaces have 14 compounds are similar structure. Salicyl alcohol (CAS#90-01-7); 2-Acetylbenzoic acid (CAS#577-56-0); 2-Carboxybenzaldehyde (CAS#119-67-5); Dimethyl phthalate (CAS#131-11-3); Gaultherin (CAS#490-67-5); Parishin E (CAS#952068-57-4); Parishin B (CAS#174972-79-3); Parishin C (CAS#174972-80-6); Parishin A (CAS#62499-28-9); Militarine (CAS#58139-23-4); Dactylorhin A (CAS#256459-34-4); Gymnoside III (CAS#899430-03-6); Shancigusin I (CAS#1435488-35-9); 3-Methoxyshancigusin I (CAS#N/A).
    Those compounds are series compounds, which having the similar structure but only some different in the individual atoms, functional groups and substructures. Maybe they also have the different physicochemical property, bioactivity and pharmacological property. In the drug design and reserach, they play an important role of improving the success rate of drug screening, researching of drug toxicity and acquiring of other data.
    Product Name Salicyl alcohol Salicyl alcohol
    Catalog No.CFN97464
    CAS Number90-01-7
    M. FC7H8O2
    M. W124.1
    Price$70 / 1g
    Product Name 2-Acetylbenzoic acid 2-Acetylbenzoic acid
    Catalog No.CFN98978
    CAS Number577-56-0
    M. FC9H8O3
    M. W164.2
    Price$30 / 20mg
    Product Name 2-Carboxybenzaldehyde 2-Carboxybenzaldehyde
    Catalog No.CFN90128
    CAS Number119-67-5
    M. FC8H6O3
    M. W150.13
    Price$70 / 100mg
    Product Name Dimethyl phthalate Dimethyl phthalate
    Catalog No.CFN99401
    CAS Number131-11-3
    M. FC10H10O4
    M. W194.2
    Price$70 / 100mg
    Product Name Gaultherin Gaultherin
    Catalog No.CFN90338
    CAS Number490-67-5
    M. FC19H26O12
    M. W446.40
    Price$268 / 20mg
    Product Name Parishin E Parishin E
    Catalog No.CFN93115
    CAS Number952068-57-4
    M. FC19H24O13
    M. W460.4
    Price Inquiry
    Product Name Parishin B Parishin B
    Catalog No.CFN93113
    CAS Number174972-79-3
    M. FC32H40O19
    M. W728.7
    Price$168 / 20mg
    Product Name Parishin C Parishin C
    Catalog No.CFN93114
    CAS Number174972-80-6
    M. FC32H40O19
    M. W728.7
    Price Inquiry
    Product Name Parishin A Parishin A
    Catalog No.CFN93112
    CAS Number62499-28-9
    M. FC45H56O25
    M. W996.9
    Price$120 / 20mg
    Product Name Militarine Militarine
    Catalog No.CFN90409
    CAS Number58139-23-4
    M. FC34H46O17
    M. W726.73
    Price$188 / 10mg
    Product Name Dactylorhin A Dactylorhin A
    Catalog No.CFN95032
    CAS Number256459-34-4
    M. FC40H56O22
    M. W888.9
    Price$418 / 10mg
    Product Name Gymnoside III Gymnoside III
    Catalog No.CFN95033
    CAS Number899430-03-6
    M. FC42H58O23
    M. W930.9
    Price$418 / 10mg
    Product Name Shancigusin I Shancigusin I
    Catalog No.CFN95061
    CAS Number1435488-35-9
    M. FC28H34O14
    M. W594.6
    Price$388 / 5mg
    Product Name 3-Methoxyshancigusin I 3-Methoxyshancigusin I
    Catalog No.CFN95062
    CAS NumberN/A
    M. FC29H36O15
    M. W624.6
    Price$413 / 5mg
    Screening Libraries

    A unique collection of 1726 Bioactive natural compounds

    A unique collection of 674 anticancer natural compounds for high throughput screening (HTS) and New anticancer drug research

    A unique collection of 552 Anti-inflammatory natural compound library for Anti-inflammatory screening and New Anti-inflammatory drug research

    A unique collection of 518 natural compounds with Antioxidants biological activity for high throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS)

    A unique collection of 267 Inhibitor natural compounds

    A unique collection of 223 Neuroprotection natural compounds for high throughput screening (HTS)

    A unique collection of 184 natural compounds used for Antibacterial research.

    A unique collection of 165 natural compounds used for Hepatoprotective research and Hepatoprotective drug screening.

    A unique collection of 154 natural compounds with antiviral biological activity can be used for high throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS)

    A unique collection of 129 Cytotoxic natural compounds used for Cytotoxic research