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Natural Products
Magnolia officinalis subsp.biloba (Rehd. et Wils.) Cheng et Law

Magnolia officinalis subsp. biloba, a traditional Chinese medicinal plant, experienced severe declines in the number of populations and the number of individuals in the late 20th century due to the widespread harvest of the subspecies. A large-scale cultivation program was initiated and cultivated populations rapidly recovered the loss in individual plant numbers, but wild populations remained small as a consequence of cutting.
Magnolia officinalis (commonly called Houpu Magnolia or Magnolia-bark) is a species of Magnolia native to the mountains and valleys of China at altitudes of 300-1500 m. It is a deciduous tree growing to 20m in height. The bark is thick and brown but does not fissure. The leaves are broad, ovate, 20-40 cm long and 11-20 cm broad. The flowers are fragrant, 10-15 cm wide, with 9-12 (rarely to 17) white tepals, and appear from May to June.

Magnolia officinalis subsp.biloba (Rehd. et Wils.) Cheng et Law
Research products of Magnolia officinalis subsp.biloba (Rehd. et Wils.) Cheng et Law
Catalog Product Name CAS Number Manual
CFN98872Magnolol528-43-8  PDF
CFN99902Honokiol35354-74-6  PDF
CFN99626epi-Eudesmol15051-81-7  PDF
CFN99582Linalool78-70-6  PDF
CFN98008Humulene epoxide II19888-34-7  PDF
CFN99276DL-Syringaresinol1177-14-6  PDF
CFN98009Syringaresinol diacetate1990-77-8  PDF
CFN98391Magnolin31008-18-1  PDF
CFN950263,4-O-dimethylcedrusin166021-14-3  n/a
CFN95027Fargesol128855-64-1  n/a
CFN950319-O-Acetyl-fargesol449172-61-6  n/a
CFN96161Eudesm-4(15)-ene-3alpha,11-diol113773-90-3  n/a
CFN96172Magnaldehyde D93753-33-4  n/a
CFN96188Magnolignan A93673-81-5  n/a
CFN96189Magnolignan C93697-42-8  n/a
CFN93230Magnocurarine6801-40-7  n/a
CFN93254Lysicamine15444-20-9  PDF
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