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    Panax ginseng C. A. Mey.
    Ginseng is any one of eleven species of slow-growing perennial plants with fleshy roots, belonging to the genus Panax of the family Araliaceae.The herbal remedies referred to as “ginseng” are derived from the roots of several plants. Ginseng is found only in the Northern Hemisphere, in North America and in eastern Asia (mostly Korea, northern China (Manchuria), and eastern Siberia), typically in cooler climates. One of the most commonly used and researched of the ginsengs is Panax ginseng, also called Asian or Korean ginseng. The main active components of Panax ginseng are ginsenosides, which have been shown to have a variety of beneficial effects, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anticancer effects. Results of clinical research studies demonstrate that Panax ginseng may improve psychologic function, immune function, and conditions associated with diabetes.Panax ginseng may be taken by mouth or applied topically. It is available in capsules, dried root powder, fresh root, liquid extracts, and teas.
    Panax ginseng C. A. Mey.
    Research products of Panax ginseng C. A. Mey.
    Catalog Product Name CAS Number Manual
    CFN9817020(R)-Ginsenoside Rg338243-03-7  PDF
    CFN99147Ginsenoside Ro34367-04-9  PDF
    CFN99754Ginsenoside F153963-43-2  PDF
    CFN99755Ginsenoside F262025-49-4  PDF
    CFN99756Ginsenoside Compound K39262-14-1  PDF
    CFN99764(20S)-Protopanaxdiol30636-90-9  PDF
    CFN99963Pseudoginsenoside F1169884-00-0  PDF
    CFN99964Ginsenoside Rb141753-43-9  PDF
    CFN99965Ginsenoside Rb211021-13-9  PDF
    CFN99966Ginsenoside Rb368406-26-8  PDF
    CFN99967Ginsenoside Rg122427-39-0  PDF
    CFN99968Ginsenoside Rg252286-74-5  PDF
    CFN99969Ginsenoside Rg314197-60-5  PDF
    CFN99970Ginsenoside Rh163223-86-9  PDF
    CFN9997120(S)-Ginsenoside Rh278214-33-2  PDF
    CFN99476Dammarenediol II14351-29-2  PDF
    CFN99972Ginsenoside Rh3105558-26-7  PDF
    CFN99973Ginsenoside Rc11021-14-0  PDF
    n/an/a51542-56-4  n/a
    CFN99975Ginsenoside Rd52705-93-8  PDF
    CFN99976Ginsenoside Rf52286-58-5  PDF
    CFN99977Pseudoginsenoside RT598474-78-3  PDF
    CFN99978Ginsenoside F362025-50-7  PDF
    CFN99979(20R)-Protopanaxdiol7755-01-3  PDF
    CFN9998020(R)-Protopanaxatriol1453-93-6  PDF
    CFN99981Panaxadiol19666-76-3  PDF
    CFN99982Panaxatriol32791-84-7  PDF
    CFN92364Notoginsenoside R280418-25-3  PDF
    CFN92593Ginsenoside Rk3364779-15-7  PDF
    CFN92594Ginsenoside Rh4174721-08-5  PDF
    n/an/a97744-95-1  n/a
    CFN92643Ginsenoside Rg5186763-78-0  PDF
    CFN92644Ginsenoside Rk1494753-69-4  PDF
    CFN92813Ginsenoside Rs3194861-70-6  PDF
    CFN92818Ginsenoside Rk2364779-14-6  PDF
    CFN92824Notoginsenoside T5769932-34-5  PDF
    CFN90564(20S)-Protopanaxatriol34080-08-5  PDF
    CFN99974Ginsenoside Re52286-59-6  PDF
    CFN9034020(R)-Ginsenoside Rh2112246-15-8  PDF
    CFN9035125(S)-Hydroxyprotopanaxatriol113539-03-0  n/a
    CFN90572Ginsenoside Rg4126223-28-7  PDF
    CFN994773-Acetoxy-24-hydroxydammara-20,25-diene143519-04-4  PDF
    CFN90565Ginsenoside Rg6147419-93-0  PDF
    CFN90757Ginsenoside F4181225-33-2  PDF
    CFN9385020(S),24(R)-Ocotillol69926-31-4  n/a
    CFN92798Panaxydiol708257-91-4  PDF
    CFN92797Panaxydol72800-72-7  PDF
    CFN92796(20R)-Ginsenoside Rh180952-71-2  PDF
    CFN9041220R-Ginsenoside Rg280952-72-3  PDF
    CFN9034925(R)-Hydroxyprotopanaxadiol83349-37-5  n/a
    CFN90656Pseudoginsenoside RT198474-74-9  n/a
    CFN95034Ginsenoside F5189513-26-6  n/a
    CFN9503620-O-Glucoginsenoside Rf68406-27-9  n/a
    CFN96202Panaxyne122855-49-6  n/a
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