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Lindera aggregata (Sims) Kosterm.

Lindera aggregata is a plant species belonging to the Lindera genus. Lindera aggregata radix lindera, It is an ingredient in the traditional Chinese medicine pill Chaihu Shugan Wan against "stagnation of liver qi, distension of chest and hypochondria, indigestion, and acid eructation", and in the Lindera Combination Teapills, a Chinese classic herbal formula. An A type proanthocyanidin trimer (epicatechin-(4β→8,2β→O→7)-entcatechin-(4β-8)-catechin) can be found in Lindera aggregata. This compound shows cytoprotective action against ethanol-induced gastric injury. Four alkaloids (boldine, norboldine, reticuline and linderegatine) can also be found in L. aggregata.
Lindera aggregata, Evergreen shrubs or small trees, up to 5 m tall, ca. 4 cm d.b.h.; roots fusiform-inflated or nodose-inflated, 3.5-8 × 0.7-2.5 cm, brown-yellow or brown-black and rugose on surface, aromatic. Sunny mountain slopes, valleys, sparse forests and thickets; 200-1000 m. Anhui, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hainan, Hunan, Jiangxi, Taiwan, Zhejiang [Philippines, Vietnam].

Lindera aggregata (Sims) Kosterm.
Research products of Lindera aggregata (Sims) Kosterm.
Catalog Product Name CAS Number Manual
CFN99528Norisoboldine23599-69-1  PDF
CFN98175Linderane13476-25-0  PDF
CFN99761Linderalactone728-61-0  PDF
CFN99762Isolinderalactone957-66-4  PDF
CFN97326Stigmasterol83-48-7  PDF
CFN99916Beta-Sitosterol83-46-5  PDF
CFN90639Linderene26146-27-0  n/a
CFN98631Methyllinderone3984-73-4  PDF
CFN90492Laurolitsine5890-18-6  n/a
CFN99343Bi-linderone1227375-09-8  PDF
CFN99350Linderaspirone A1235126-46-1  PDF
CFN99837Linderone1782-79-2  PDF
CFN97205Laurifoline7224-61-5  n/a
CFN919488beta,9alpha-Dihydroxylindan-4(5),7(11)-dien-8alpha,12-olide956707-04-3  n/a
CFN91936Pseudoneolinderane20082-45-5  n/a
CFN91933Strychnistenolide332372-09-5  n/a
CFN91930Linderene acetate26146-28-1  n/a
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